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August at Spindlewood

So - August is now upon us. The lodges are full, the weather has been kind for the first 2 days and we are looking forward to a month with lots of visitors enjoying the countryside and wildlife we have to offer. There have been regular sightings of badgers and deer over the past few weeks, along with twitchers having recorded seeing a host of different birds. Those particularly worthy of mention are woodpeckers (both green and spotted) as well as the 2 local barn owls who put on a great show over the long grass whilst searching for supper.

We have also recently acquired 4 new chickens - 2 bluebelle, 2 light sussex - to join our 4 ducks and so far, so good - all 8 are getting along without too many arguments! So the domestic wildlife has also increased of late and numbers 10 in total, if you count Twinkle the black and white cat and Lily the tabby...

Posted 03 August 2015


Lovely lodge, very comfortable great stay, just the right distance to travel to the Priddy Folk Festival, would like to return next year.
Eileen & Ben