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4 chicks hatch at Spindlewood

There has been great excitement here at Spindlewood over the last week as we managed to hatch 4 baby chicks using an incubator. All 4 are doing well and are currently residing in our office until they are big enough to cope with living outside.

The addition of the chicks increases our animal count to 18 - if you include the cats! So we currently have 4 ducks, 6 chickens, 4 chicks, 2 pigs and 2 cats. That is aside from the wildlife that visits us regularly - at the moment we have a resident deer who is seen frequently around the grounds, along with the kestrels, barn owl and - most recently - a sparrowhawk.

Spindlewood really is a great countryside retreat for those looking for somewhere to enjoy the wildlife and the peace and quiet of the countryside.

Posted 21 April 2016


We have been here twice and on both occasions we have enjoyed ourselves. We would recommend Spindlewood to anyone. Peter & Linda are very good hosts. We shall endeavour to come back soon.
Sean & Denise W. Midlands